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You have to give a little, to get a little

Macauley Heseltine, the managing director of Hegemonic Enterprises, is happy with the progress of his firm and puts this down to the great investment of time the management put into supporting the firm’s contractors. For Mr Heseltine, as revealed in a recent interview, training and mentorship will always be at the heart of his sales and marketing firm. He argued that those in sales understand that the direct sales industry can be tough, but know that with the correct mentorship they are set to succeed. With the firm’s recent increase in profits and plans to grow, they are keen to ensure its potential recruits understand that the management spends a considerable amount of time tailoring the workforce to exceed in their roles.               

 The firm is keen to express the importance of its business development opportunities and mentorship and its fundamental nature to the business. Mr Heseltine outlined the two pillars of working with Hegemonic Enterprises:  

 1)    Sales  

This is what the bulk of someone’s day will be spent doing. Either at events or in business to business environments, individuals will be selling products to potential customers and forming new relationships between clients and consumers.  

 2)    Business Development 

This side of the business focuses on mentorship and training in every aspect of entrepreneurship. Whether this is how someone pitches a product or themselves, organises their time or the general runnings of business, the firm has a definite step by step development pipeline, which has proven in the past to create hugely successful young entrepreneurs. This is the aspect of the business Mr Heseltine believes keeps the fire of the business burning and argues that without his management and their role as mentors the company could not have come close to the success it is currently experiencing.          

 Hegemonic Enterprises understand that while sales is at the forefront of its business model, it is keen to stress to any recruits that the second pillar is of more importance, as it differentiates the firm from other business and focuses on building sustainable professional success. Macauley Heseltine is keen for each of his workforces to understand in the future that placing their time and effort into their workforce will reap the rewards tenfold.        

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