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With new reports stating two-thirds of young entrepreneurs are concerned about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) could have on their job prospects, sales and marketing firm Hegemonic Enterprise has outlined how, in their industry, there is no need to worry.  

New research shows that 76 per cent of young entrepreneurs fear that robot workers and AI could have an impact on job prospects in the years to come. These are the results of a report, ‘Robot Revolution: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Entrepreneurs and Job Prospects’ that includes detailed polling of 200 finalists from the Young Enterprise flagship ‘Company Programme’ from all UK regions. Direct sales and marketing business Hegemonic Enterprise does not share these worries. Based in Leeds, the firm provides personalised sales and marketing campaigns on their clients’ behalf and promotes and sells their products and services. Hegemonic Enterprise is committed to supporting their clients’ brands to dominate the market by generating a loyal customer base by building close relationships with customers on a face-to-face level.

Managing Director of Hegemonic Enterprise, Macauley Heseltine, believes that there will always be a constant demand for face-to-face marketing. In fact, especially with increasing technology at the workplace, the personal touch is needed to balance out the rise in AI and digital customer services, which fail to provide a personalised, meaningful experience. Especially in the sales and marketing industry, the direct contact with consumers is crucial to get to know them, build trust and lasting relationships between consumers and the brand. Macauley Heseltine states: “Creativity, emotions and innovation are human qualities and cannot be replaced by robots. We will, however, benefit from technology to bring our ideas to life.” As a result, Hegemonic Enterprise suggests that AI will never dampen job prospects. It will create new opportunities.


Hegemonic Enterprise is a great supporter of aspiring entrepreneurs and offers support to driven individuals by equipping them with the relevant skills, guidance and hands-on experience they require to open up and run their own successful business and create new job opportunities. Based on the human factor, the direct sales and marketing industry is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs as it offers incredible prospects. Hegemonic Enterprise does underline the importance of investing in the new generation of budding entrepreneurs to set them up for success and encourage them to continuously develop themselves.

Their unique, personalised sales and marketing campaigns have led to a significant increase in sales and customer retention for Hegemonic Enterprise’s clients. Consequently, the firm is now planning their expansion into at least three further markets by June 2018 and to represent their clients nationwide within the coming three years. Plans to open up overseas are also currently under discussion.


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