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Macauley Heseltine of Hegemonic Enterprises Comments on the Importance of a Good Work-Life Balance

“Getting the right balance between work and personal life leads to optimum productivity,” argues Macauley Heseltine, Managing Director at Hegemonic Enterprises. The business owner gave an interview this week, where he shared his thoughts on work-life balance.

For entrepreneurs, putting in 60 hours per week isn’t uncommon, therefore, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is imperative to avoid burnout and achieve optimum results argues Leeds-based Hegemonic Enterprises. The outsourced sales and marketing specialists are advocates of entrepreneurship, and they offer aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to develop their knowledge, skill-set and hone those skills in a supportive and nurturing working environment.

During an interview earlier this week, director at Hegemonic Enterprises, Macauley Heseltine revealed the three steps entrepreneurs can take to achieve a good work-life balance.

  1. Eliminate low-value activities

Mr Heseltine argues that many entrepreneurs work more extended hours than necessary, by spending time on activities that are low value. The Hegemonic Enterprises Managing Director believes that to achieve a good work-life balance, entrepreneurs should eliminate low-value activities which don’t contribute to the bigger picture. The business coach and mentor believes that entrepreneurs can free up time by tracking every minute of their day for a few days to identify the low or no value activities.

  1. Learn how to deal with stress

“Stress is a natural part of life for an entrepreneur, and the more successful you become, the more stress you’ll have, so it’s vital that you know how to deal with it effectively,” commented Mr Heseltine.

Stress can have a negative impact on health and therefore the secret to achieving a balance between work and health is to learn how to cope with stress successfully. For some, it’s sports or exercise, and others it’s unwinding with a book or spending time with loved ones. Whatever it is, it’s critical to find what works to lower stress levels.

  1. Schedule regular social activities

Studies have shown that an active social life contributes significantly to health. At Hegemonic Enterprises, they have a very social culture with weekly office nights, winners dinners and crew breakfasts. Mr Heseltine believes that the social culture at Hegemonic Enterprises has a massive impact on morale and boosts productivity.

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Hegemonic Enterprises are proud to have developed a strong social culture to help their contractors to achieve a good work-life balance, simultaneously developing their business aspirations.

Hegemonic Enterprises is a Leeds based outsourced sales and marketing firm, focusing on delivering a low investment, high ROI solution for brands looking to create fun, interactive and engaging promotions. The firm are supporters of entrepreneurship, and Mr Heseltine contends that to succeed in business, it’s critical to achieve a good work-life balance and he is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to practice the three points highlighted above.


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