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Leeds-based Hegemonic Enterprises promote the standout benefits of being your own boss to graduates

Outsourced sales and marketing experts Hegemonic Enterprises believe university graduates that are creative, persistent, and resourceful stand a great chance of making a successful living as the owner of their own business.

Hegemonic Enterprises are big supporters of entrepreneurship and teach the people they work with the relevant skills to run their own firm, and eventually become their own boss through their business development programme.

“Being your own boss means you ultimately answer to no one. All the important decisions and direction of the business are left in your hands. If you also need the afternoon off to watch your child’s sports day then you can – as long as you don’t abuse this privilege and take your eye off the ball,” explains a company spokesperson.

The firm regularly cite quotes and extracts from Richard Branson’s books, as they like his mantra that life is too short to waste time doing disagreeable things. The firm completely endorse Branson’s view that becoming an entrepreneur – getting paid to do something enjoyable – is the most successful cure to the majority of workplace dissatisfaction.

The firm believe that many university graduates can quickly become disillusioned with working life if they find themselves doing something they’re not overly passionate about. Hegemonic Enterprises believe that, with so many readily available resources and tools out there to facilitate building and marketing a business, finding a passion – and running with it in a business sense has never been easier.

“For some people, becoming an entrepreneur means creating the freedom to do something they love. For others, it is the opportunity to bring about change, defy convention, and make a difference to the lives of others. This is especially the case with Gen Z, who aren’t too fond of companies who only think about themselves and not others,” adds the company spokesperson.

Indeed, the firm believe Gen Z graduates will be far more likely to buy into the mission statement of a company if they can see community involvement, and meaningful ‘giving’ to try and make the world a better place – or they will end up creating a business where this is the standard themselves.

Hegemonic Enterprises has a proven track record of developing budding entrepreneurs into professional businessmen and women. They are committed to the development of the people they work with, and they invest a lot of time and energy into creating a culture of success.

The firm implement cost-effective approaches to build a 4D experience for the user to enjoy and form a lasting connection that is made to last.


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