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Hegemonic look to nurture a more confident workforce in 2018 

Sales and Marketing experts Hegemonic Enterprise has had a great 2017. The firm has seen tremendous growth and believes this is down to the quality of its workforce. The firm is confident that its business development model, an initiative that focuses on creating the next generation of young professionals, has built a team of seasoned sales professionals who know exactly how to act in the most proactive, confident manner. However, as the firm begins to expand its recruitment stream, it will be looking to add more individuals to the businesses that it believes possess the confidence needed to succeed in the field.          

In a recent workshop on confidence in sales, Hegemonic Enterprise has outlined the core reason it believes this trait is so important. Fundamentally, the firm thinks that a confident individual can sell pretty much anything. People trust those who find the perfect balance between confidence and modesty and believes those who are optimistic and proactive in their approach to sales are more likely to make a deal than those who shy away from interactions.              

Once the firm had established the importance of confidence, it moved on to some ways in which new sales representatives could attempt to nurture this character trait. The three main tips discussed were as follows:     

Work on your body language  

Research has shown that during an interaction, individuals are judged on their body language first and their words later. The firm asks each contractor to come in looking smart, with an excellent posture to present themselves to potential customers in the best light possible.      

Utilising positive language 

While body language is essential, Hegemonic Enterprise wants each contractor to train themselves to be “wordsmiths.” A sale is often made if a contractor can explain the product to a customer in the most positive language possible, by utilising positive language contractors are more likely to come across in a far more confident manner. Hegemonic Enterprise released a statement in the past week stating that it is looking to nurture the most favourable sales representatives in the business to generate a more confident workforce.         

The firm hopes each of its workforces takes on board both the importance of confidence in sales but also some critical tips to nurturing this character trait in themselves. Hegemonic Enterprise believes the two simple tips it has provided offer contractor’s bitesize tactics to boost their confidence in the field. The firm understands that building confidence takes time, but are also big believers that if new contractors take on board their advice, they will see huge success in 2018.       

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