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Hegemonic Enterprises Weigh in on the Downfall of the High Street

A House of Fraser rescue plan will result in 30 store closures, putting 6000 jobs at risk. Leeds-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Hegemonic Enterprise weigh in on the downfall of the high street.

House of Fraser is one of the staples of the UK high street, and the retail giant is the latest in a long line of companies that are cutting jobs. On June 11th, news broke that Poundworld was set to go into administration, putting 5000 jobs at risk. Figures show that 28,000 jobs have been lost on Britain’s high streets this year and alarmingly, 40,000 more are expected by the end of the year.

Managing Director at Hegemonic Enterprises, Macauley Heseltine shared his thoughts, stating “There are a number of factors contributing to many companies misfortunes, but the main culprit is consumers preference of online shopping, and that’s a shame. Brands need to focus more on customer experience and offering something that they can’t get online.”

Hegemonic Enterprises is committed to helping brands dominate the market by generating a loyal customer base, and they do this by taking a personalised approach to customer acquisition. They create fun, interactive and engaging marketing strategies that allow them to build relationships with customers and boost brand loyalty. Their customer-centric promotions are the reason that the outsourced sales and marketing firm is looking to attract retail workers affected by the job cuts.

Hegemonic Enterprises believe that retail workers possess many of the necessary attributes for success in their industry. Retail workers have customer service experience and have the communication and people skills required to become a key player at the firm.

“We are a people business, and if someone possesses good communication and people skills, I am confident that we can provide them with the coaching, advice, and guidance to excel.” Stated Mr Heseltine.

Hegemonic Enterprises is a Leeds based outsourced sales and marketing firm, focusing on delivering a low investment, high ROI solution for brands looking to create fun, interactive and engaging promotions. The firm is saddened by the continued decimation of the high street, and they are urging companies to focus on customer experience to attract and retain consumers.



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