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Hegemonic Enterprises responds to apparent lack of trust in British advertisers.

Leeds-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Hegemonic Enterprises believe the ease at which fake news and click-bait type information can be plastered across newsfeeds has affected consumer trust in advertising.

The firm declared this view after learning that advertising executives are among the least trusted professions in the UK, according to a new study by Ipsos Mori.

With just a meagre 16% of the British public trusting advertisers, Hegemonic’s Managing Director Macauley Heseltine has advised businesses to do more to bring back ‘the human touch’ to their marketing efforts;

“Digital marketing done right can be very powerful, but it can also be very meaningless. The majority of social media users scroll past ads without even engaging – or worse, get annoyed by the promoting brand. With such an availability of choice out there, it’s important to secure your position in the market by offering them something unique, and something that leaves a lasting impression,” the Managing Director stated.

The research, which asks consumers to say how much they trust professions ranging from politicians to engineers and nurses, included advertising execs for the first time this year – who performed worse than politicians on 19%, government ministers on 22% and journalists on 26%.

Hegemonic Enterprises implement cost-effective approaches to build a 4D experience for the user to enjoy and form a lasting connection that is made to last. They conduct this offline, face to face with consumers as they believe this remains the most meaningful form of marketing.

The firm believes the low figures found in the research paints a pretty damning picture of trust in the marketing industry, and urge companies in the b2c sector to supplement their online marketing with offline endeavours that occur in-person, on a face-to-face basis.


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