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Hegemonic Enterprises Promote Business Development Opportunities to Attract Top Talent

With graduation season fast approaching, Leeds-based direct sales and marketing experts, Hegemonic Enterprises are promoting their unique and exciting business development opportunities to attract the cream of the crop.


With effective recruitment being pivotal to a companies ability to successfully scale, Managing Director at Hegemonic Enterprises, Macauley Heseltine is promoting the firm’s business development opportunities to help attract top talent.  “A business is only as good as its people, and I am committed to finding the best,” commented Mr Heseltine. During an interview before the launch of Hegemonic Enterprises§, Mr Heseltine stated: “Personal development has always been important to me, as a person who gets bored quickly I like to push boundaries and develop new skills.” And the rookie business owner has implemented that same philosophy into Hegemonic Enterprises.


The direct sales and marketing specialists are committed to the development of everyone who comes through their doors, offering ongoing education and coaching to help people to expand their knowledge and skill set, providing them with valuable life skills and transferable business skills to ensure future success.


The firm’s business development program is their USP when it comes to talent acquisition, and they believe that it is the perfect match for graduates looking to make the transition from education into business. The rapid development opportunities they offer are unique and unparalleled in any other industry. Through their business development program, Hegemonic Enterprises provides participants with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to oversee their own project within eight to twelve months. The firm offers personal coaches who provide one on one mentoring for participants throughout the journey. They also have the opportunity to attend regular educational workshops and seminars as well as industry events all over the UK. The firm also offers a supportive and nurturing environment to help people hone their skills. Mr Heseltine believes that the best part of the program is that development is based solely on individual merit. “We will never hold people back as all development is based entirely on individual merit. No matter someone’s education or occupational background, everyone starts at the same level and has control over their development.” Commented Mr Heseltine.


While many graduates will find themselves stuck in the catch-22 of having no practical experience but a lot of ambition, enthusiasm, and new ideas, Hegemonic Enterprises argue that their business development opportunities are the perfect fit for graduates and ambitious career changers looking to conquer the business world.


Hegemonic Enterprises is a Leeds based outsourced sales and marketing firm, focusing on delivering a low investment, high ROI solution for both small and large brands looking to create fun, interactive and engaging promotions. They are passionate about development and offering people the chance to reach their full potential and achieving their goals while simultaneously taking the business forward.

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