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Hegemonic Enterprises lauds upcoming keynote speech on customer experience held by craft beer entrepreneur James Brown.

Digital interactions have become an almost ‘inescapable’ part of daily life, and Hegemonic Enterprises believe that an upcoming tech event could be of great value to people who want to understand the relationship between the on and offline worlds of marketing.

The Leeds-based firm believes the saturation of digital advertising will slowly push more and more people towards the more personal, humanised interactions present in the offline world.

However, the firm acknowledge that the best marketing practice in 2018 requires a healthy balance between the two strategies, and believes attending digital marketing events is still important for continued professional development.

“We want our contractors to upskill in all areas of marketing – just because we don’t run Facebook ads doesn’t mean they shouldn’t understand how these can affect the consumer decision-making process. For me, it’s about gauging the bigger picture – understanding the pros and cons of both on and offline and then delivering a customer experience that fills in the gaps,” states Macauley Heseltine, Hegemonic Enterprises’ Managing Director.

The Digital Enterprise event to be held in Leeds on the 8th October will feature craft beer entrepreneur James Brown, whose Beer 52 brand has grown to become one of the world’s most popular craft beer clubs.

Heseltine believes emerging ‘disruptors’ and innovators to established markets like Beer 52 should be lauded for their efforts, and suggests more often than not they find success and claw chunks of market share away from the status quo by offering a superior customer experience.

“I think brands that offer stand out customer experiences are the ones that find unique ways to speak to customers. We’ve seen this from operating in face-to-face interactions, it allows you to cut through all the noise from your competitors,” added Heseltine.

Hegemonic Enterprises implement cost-effective approaches to build a 4D experience for the user to enjoy and form a lasting connection that is made to last. 


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