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Hegemonic Enterprises Enrol Team on Training Day

Next month the Hegemonic Enterprises workforce will be attending an industry seminar in Manchester alongside the top performing sales and marketing offices from the Northern Region.

The meeting takes place each quarter and has been designed to further educate team members, speeding up their personal development and fast tracking their skills and knowledge of the industry.

As a new company, Hegemonic CEO Macauley Heseltine recognises the importance of providing team members with sufficient training and has witnessed first-hand the huge impact it has on aspiring entrepreneurs.

“I will put the Hegemonic workforce forward for any training available to them as I know it will benefit them and better equip them in the long run,” says Macauley. “I want all members of the team to feel they are being given equal opportunities and a chance to ask questions and further their understanding of their industry.”

Having started off as a young, ambitious recruit, Macauley is eager to see which of his contractors will demonstrate the same promising drive that he possesses. The Manchester training day will cover everything from day one on the job to working as a team to promotions and management duties. A number of high flying, influential members from the UK sales and marketing scene will be conducting speeches over the course of the day and Macauley is excited for his workforce to be exposed to the myriad of opportunities on offer to individuals in the industry.

Hegemonic Enterprises Limited are experts in translating company goals and ambitions into realistic and inviting campaigns designed to engage new and existing customers to strengthen brand awareness in any given region. Hegemonic Enterprise identifies any areas of weakness in their clients’ brands, establishes the brand vision and sets the key outcomes.

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