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Hegemonic Enterprises discuss balance in the digital age.

Hegemonic Enterprises teach each of its contractors that balance in life is of extreme importance if they are going to succeed.  

Hegemonic Enterprises feel that this mantra also extends to potential clientele. The firm wants each of its new clients to understand that they should use a balance of sales streams to help their business. The firm argues that a company, depending on their financial situation, should try to utilise both digital and more traditional face to face forms of marketing to balance the kinds of customers they are reaching.   

While a huge array of marketing researchers have recently argued that traditional forms of marketing, such as face to face, are dwindling in light of digital methods. Hegemonic Enterprises has recently contested this point, utilising a report made by Oxford Economics that suggests 85% of those in buying situations prefer to talk to someone in person. The firm provides rigorous training to form a collective of sales representatives that are well equipped to deal with potential customers.

With this practice in place, the company is confident that it can offer each of its clients a guaranteed ROI on their investments and in turn build a range of loyal customers. 

Hegemonic Enterprises is, however, keen to distance itself from sales firms that position their services as the be all and end all of a companies sales stream. The managing director, James Sweetland, believes that his history in business has allowed him to realise his company’s place in marketing and understands that his service provides one stream of sales opportunities for firms. He wants his clients to understand that to maximise profits they need to utilise many streams to ensure they reap the best rewards. Hegemonic Enterprises is keen to offer direct marketing services and implore new clients to test their services and see the benefits, and then combine this with existing efforts. 

The firm does point out, however, that research currently demonstrates individuals are becoming complacent with online marketing forms with a reported 16% drop in click-through rates on ads. With this in mind, Hegemonic Enterprises believe that clients will have to begin to reconsider the balance of how they invest their marketing budget as digital starts to fade away. The firm is all for a balance of traditional and online forms of marketing but believes clients may have to look to their face to face services in the coming future to succeed. 



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