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Hegemonic Enterprises declares dawn of new creative chapter in business history of Leeds.

After Leeds was chosen as the new national headquarters for Channel 4 last Wednesday, outsourced sales and marketing experts Hegemonic Enterprises reaffirmed their belief that the city is the biggest thriving hub of creativity in the UK.

The decision made on October 31 will see the broadcaster move around 200 of its 800 employees to the city as it ramps up spending on programmes outside London by £250m during the next five years.

Hegemonic Enterprises have commented on this move, as they are hired by companies to implement cost-effective sales and marketing techniques, which create a ‘4D experience’ for consumers. They believe that the presence of a media giant, and creative enterprise such as Channel 4 will act as a catalyst for more innovative thinking in the city.

“We definitely think this is the start of a new creative chapter in the history of Leeds. We are strong advocates of brands offering experiences that find unique ways to speak to customers – and obviously creativity is akin to that,” stated Macauley Heseltine, Managing Director at Hegemonic Enterprises.

The firm have witnessed the extensive pool of talent and opportunity the city has to offer first-hand, and believe that the decision by Channel 4 is a huge vote of confidence in Leeds, and perhaps the start of a new era.

Indeed, it has been claimed that the artistic and creative industries are a major driver for growth in many British cities, so presumably, the addition of Channel 4 to Leeds’ business culture will only accelerate the already blossoming entrepreneurial vibe.

The firm have credited emerging ‘disruptors’ and innovators to established markets in Leeds for kickstarting this movement, and have gone on record citing the importance of SMEs clawing chunks of market share away from the outdated status quo by offering a superior customer experience.


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