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Hegemonic Enterprise investigate Glossophobia and reveal solutions

Glossophobia – or the fear of public speaking – is a common phobia that often holds entrepreneurs back.


Hegemonic Enterprise pride themselves on nurturing some of the finest entrepreneurial talents in the sales industry, and believe a critical aspect of business success is the ability to communicate effectively to a large group.  


Leaders of large firms need to be able to talk to their workforce, but also strangers to position themselves as an authority in their field. By establishing authority in a specific field, Hegemonic Enterprise realise that their contractors can generate a natural attraction toward themselves and in turn begin to grow as leaders. While Hegemonic Enterprise positions their direct sales role at the core of their business, they also want to see each of their contractors grow as leaders in their own right.  


The Managing Director Macauley Heseltine has highlighted “the fear of public speaking” as one of the common roadblocks to their contractors’ entrepreneurial development. In response to this, Hegemonic Enterprise has highlighted the key things they believe strike fear into their contractors when they are asked to speak in public. 


Whether it is stuttering or forgetting your speech, Hegemonic realise that looking like a fool in front a crowd is terrifying. Hegemonic Enterprises believe their contractors are also terrified that their speech will fail to have an impact on their crowd. The objective of public speaking is to give those listening inspiration and knowledge. Macauley Heseltine, the Managing Director, recently spoke out on this claiming that one of his biggest fears is people not realising the message he is trying to get across.


With these fears in mind, Hegemonic Enterprises have put together a programme focusing on visualisation to make sure their workforce overcome their glossophobia. They believe that if their workforce visualises their failures and works out ways to overcome them before they speak in public, this will enable them to stop that failure from happening. Further to this, they implore their workforce to put this into practice to perfect this essential business skill. Hard work and training are known methods of reducing the anxiety linked to public speaking, and the firm will be incorporating public speaking practice sessions to combat this phobia.  


Hegemonic Enterprise strives to generate all-around business professionals and are confident that those who are optimistic communicators are set to succeed in business. Moving into the first quarter of 2018 the firm is looking to expand their business and firmly believe that improved communication will help with this process. 



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