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Hegemonic Enterprise Hosts Boss vs Leader Workshop

In an attempt to demonstrate the importance of leadership skills in the world of sales and marketing, CEO Macauley Heseltine this week hosted a workshop to reveal the differences between being an impactful leader and a boss. At the core of the workshop was the theme that a boss considers themselves one above all, while a leader is seen as one among all. Hegemonic Enterprises believe the role of the boss has no place in sales and marketing, as their tendency to focus on negatives, pass blame and look down on others can impact on the positive mentality of the company as a whole.

The workshop focused on why being a team player and evolving as a leader was essential to ascending the career ladder. At a fundamental level, sales and marketing revolve around teamwork, among a group of individuals working together to maximise their sales. While individual gain is important as a form of motivation, a firm is only capable of expansion once the whole team achieves their goals.

In order for their contractors to gain a better understanding of the distinction between a boss and leader, Macauley Heseltine highlighted the following four key differences:

A boss inspires fear, while a leader generates enthusiasm.

A boss says “I”, a leader says ‘we”

A boss knows how things are done, a leader shows how it is done

A boss commands, while a leader asks

Hegemonic enterprises hope their contractors take on board this workshop and use the advice to shape their own futures within the industry, knowing teamwork is essential and individual gain should not drive them on their journey.

The workshop prompted CEO Macauley Heseltine to consider the reasoning behind their recruitment process. He recently stated:

“If you are a leader who coaches people, it is important to understand their roles. If you have never worked in their position or been in their shoes how can you possibly mentor them”

For Hegemonic enterprises this is the reason they only hire contractors at entry level, believing this sets a better president for individuals to grow organically, familiarise themselves with the business and obtain the empathy needed for strong leadership.

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