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Sales and Marketing Expert, Hegemonic Enterprise, has built the business on direct sales. The has brought together a talented collective of sales representatives to provide a guaranteed ROI for each of its clients. Hegemonic Enterprise has spent the past year nurturing contractors into direct selling experts and has this week revealed how it has driven success in 2017:  

1)    Preparation 

Mr Heseltine, Managing Director of Hegemonic Enterprise, made it clear that his firm spends a lot of time making sure contractors are prepared for their time in the field. The firm favours using techniques like visualisation to make sure the workforce is ready to deal with any situation. Mostly, the company works through all the different situations a sales representative might face, so they know exactly how to respond. Efficiency is the name of the game in the field, and Hegemonic Enterprise believes that preparation is one of the critical ways anyone can maximise their time during a day in the area. 

2)    Accepting fear 

Face to face sales and marketing is the foundation of Hegemonic’s business structure, but for those new to the industry, the idea of approaching potential customers can be somewhat daunting. This, claims Mr Heseltine is one of the chief things that stops people excelling in the industry. The firm argues that those who accept that fear as a given, are more likely to stop thinking about it and take the plunge. 

3)    Promoting Wellness 

A simple but essential element to success is that sales representatives should eat healthy, exercise and maximise their sleeping time. If a contractor takes control of the things that are in their power, they are more likely to move forward with less stress in their minds. 

In a recent interview on this topic, the managing director, Macauley Heseltine stated: 

“Sales is not difficult but requires practice in the field. I love watching my contractors take on board my advice and use it to improve their performance.” 

Hegemonic Enterprise understands that its business has two pillars: sales and the people behind those deals, but is this week focusing primarily on working with contractors to improve their sales technique. The firm wants its workforce to take these tips very seriously and incorporate them into their lives. Moving into 2018, the company hopes to broaden its horizons and is looking to expand its workforce to establish itself as one of the top direct marketing firms in the country. But first, it believes the contractors need to understand and integrate these habits before they can begin their next stage of development. 





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