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Hegemonic Enterprise CEO Discusses his Biggest Motivational Influence

After launching his sales and marketing firm in Leeds earlier this month, Macauley Heseltine has revealed his controversial admiration for Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street fame. 

Hegemonic Enterprise is West Yorkshire’s answer to comprehensive, outsourced solutions, ran by motivated and ambitious CEO, Macauley Heseltine. The company offers a diverse range of marketing solutions which promise to alleviate the costly process of hiring seasonal workers – allowing their clients’ the freedom to use their resources for other aspects of their business. A self-made entrepreneur and business owner, Macauley has spoken openly about the various influences in his life, noting Jordan Belfort as someone who has helped motivate him to continue on the path to becoming a successful business owner.

While a somewhat controversial figure, Macauley’s admiration for Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort comes from the billionaire salesman’s impressive business acumen. Macauley recognises Belfort’s illicit behaviour in the industry but believes his undeniable passion and experience of the industry and for running a hugely motivated and successful workforce, is a source of great inspiration. The Wolf of Wall Street’s sales strategies are cited in the various online material available online in the form of motivational seminars and YouTube webinars, which the Hegemonic Enterprise CEO has watched numerous times and considers hugely insightful. “He has obviously made some unforgivable business choices, but Jordan Belfort possesses this undeniable ability to simplify business practices and is a straight talking, born leader,” Mr Heseltine explains. “His talks have motivated me so many times in the past, and his words of wisdom have encouraged me to press on during times of self-doubt.

Hegemonic Enterprises Limited are experts in translating company goals and ambitions into realistic and inviting campaigns designed to engage new and existing customers to strengthen brand awareness in any given region. Hegemonic Enterprise identifies any areas of weakness in their clients’ brands, establishes the brand vision and sets the key outcomes.  The firm’s creative team then develop an in depth marketing strategy which not only focuses on driving new customers to the brand but also ensures the brand image is maintained throughout.  Full product training is also included to guarantee flawless representation is achieved. 

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