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Hegemonic discuss the importance of visualising your fear.​

Sales and Marketing expert, Hegemonic Enterprise, understands the importance of consistency in a professional setting. However, the firm wants to combat one of the key things holding its workforce back: fear. The company has built its reputation on providing tailored marketing solutions that focus on direct sales and marketing functions in the field. With this method, it can provide clients with a guaranteed ROI. The firm has a tradition of building on its success, but it knows there is always room for improvement and this week it is looking to provide its workforce with tactics to overcome fear.

The Managing director, Macauley Heseltine, stated that he understands “recruits often fear their first few interactions”, However, Mr Heseltine is confident that his firm’s workshop on visualisation will provide their recruits with the mechanisms necessary to overcome his fear. Essentially, the company wants its workforce to visualise everything that could go wrong. While this at first, may sound counterintuitive, Hegemonic believe that if its contractors have a solution to every possible problem they will then be able to act quickly if things do go wrong. This kind of thinking has been proven by a range of researchers to be a common trait behind some successful CEOs. They are consistently visualising every possibility and creating contingencies to combat these problems.

Moving forward, Hegemonic Enterprise will be asking each of its contractors to attempt to visualise everything that could go wrong in a customer interaction, ranging from flat-out rejection, time-wasting or a rude customer. With rejection, for example, the firm want’s contractors to limit their emotional response and instead begin to think about what they could do next time to prevent this from happening. By visualising the situation and working out a response, the firm is confident it is preparing contractors for the realities of the field.

The firm does not want this advice to be limited, however, to time in the field with customers. Hegemonic Enterprise is a firm believer that working on visualisation will offer contractors an effective strategy to deal with any failure they might face moving forward in their professional future.

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