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“Facing your fears will lead to better results” claims Sales and Marketing Experts Hegemonic

Hegemonic Enterprises are this week focusing their workforce on the importance of facing their fears in order to improve their performance in the field. The firm’s Managing Director, Macauley Heseltine, decided upon this weekly theme after watching Will Smiths inspirational video where he discusses skydiving and the pure freedom he felt once he overcame the fear of jumping. Before discussing how his contractors could face their own fears, he asked them all to watch the video in preparation for their discussion.

In his introduction, Hegemonic Enterprises’ managing director, Macauley Heseltine outlined that a lot of new recruits find their first few weeks in the field to be intimidating. He wanted them to understand that overcoming the fear that comes with approaching customers in the field is essential to reaching targets. While the firm is certain that they are hiring individuals with the necessary grit needed to make sales, they understand that this grit can take some time to grow in individuals. He made it clear within the introduction that it was his role and the role of those with experience to guide the new recruits on how to overcome this fear.

Throughout the rest of this workshop, the management went on to summaries the three methods they believe will enable them to overcome their fears:

Accept the fear. Use it.

“Everyone is slightly nervous talking to people they have never spoken to before” claims Hegemonic Managing Director, Macauley Heseltine. He went to argue that once you do not hide away from fear you can begin to use that nervous energy and turn it into charisma. He cited the example of, Robbie Williams, a famous charismatic performer who often describes his extreme anxiety before performances but always uses that energy to create such an engaging experience. Hegemonic Enterprises are keen for their recruits to consider their field as the stage for their performance.

Accept that “no” is normal.

Even when that performance is amazing, “no” or “rejection” are an essential part of sales. Rejection happens in all walks of life, and those who cant accept it often fail in the sales industry.


“Your colleagues are here to help you”, claimed Hegemonic’s Managing Director, Macauley Heseltine. He implored his contractors to ask their more experienced associates to attempt to re-enact a trial sales pitch, claiming that if you are confident in what you are doing, then it is more likely that you will succeed.

With these tips in mind, Hegemonic Enterprises are hoping their workforce will move forward into the final quarter of 2017 with a spirit of fearlessness or more importantly and understand that fear and rejection are inevitable, but the way in which they bounce back is more important.


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