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Hegemonic Enterprises prides itself on generating effective leaders. Over the past year, the firm has perfected its business development model and believes this provides the optimum pipeline for young, inexperienced professionals to blossom into effective leaders. The company has always had a focus on practical leadership but has this week looked into a report released by the Harvard Business Review summarising the essential traits identified by 195 global business leaders. Hegemonic Enterprises has focused on the two top features highlighted by these global leaders and has communicated them to its contractors this week in hopes this will inspire ways to can develop and grow in the future. 

Sales and Marketing Expert, Hegemonic Enterprise, has built the business on direct sales. The has brought together a talented collective of sales representatives to provide a guaranteed ROI for each of its clients. Hegemonic Enterprise has spent the past year nurturing contractors into direct selling experts and has this week revealed how it has driven success in 2017: