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"Being Interested in Sports Comes in Handy in this Business," Says Hegemonic Enterprise CEO

As an avid Rugby fan, Macauley Heseltine has been discussing how a sport minded outlook has influenced his approach to business, helping him on his quest to build a prosperous sales and marketing brand.

Based in Leeds, Hegemonic Enterprise are an outsourced marketing firm born as a result of their CEO’s friendly rivalry with an associate in the industry. As their name suggests, Hegemonic aim to become a dominant force in the sales and marketing force, with goals to rule the market in the North of England and beyond.

Macauley credits his competitive, sports oriented mindset for his impassioned, focused approach to business. He believes a competitive mentality goes a long way in the industry and has served him well as he continues to make his ascent to the top.

Furthermore, the CEO believes individuals with interest in sports are often more experienced team players, capable of working productively in a team dynamic.

“I have played sports my whole life, and the skills I learnt from these experiences has now transcended into my role as a business owner,” Macauley explains. “I really do believe that people can do whatever they put their mind to; you simply need self-belief and perseverance, two things that are drummed into you when playing sports.”

The firm are looking to recruit similarly sports-minded, athletic individuals who demonstrate a competitive, ambitious mentality and high-level team work skills.

Hegemonic Enterprises Limited are experts in translating company goals and ambitions into realistic and inviting campaigns designed to engage new and existing customers to strengthen brand awareness in any given region. Hegemonic Enterprise identifies any areas of weakness in their clients’ brands, establishes the brand vision and sets the key outcomes.

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